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Katharina Bartholomäus
Philipp Enzmann
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'MytaChair' is a composition of traditional craftsmanship in contrast to the innovative use of mycelium. Mycelium is the branching underground structure of mushrooms. It grows as tiny threads that form vast networks under the forest floor that are called the Wood Wide Web. These networks enable trees through out a forest to communicate with oneanother. The fine fibers grow extremely strong so that the mycelium network functions as glue, presenting the opportunity to build with fungus.

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An oak wood construction gives the chair its integral strength, while the backrest consists of mycelium, which is grown into an organic shape to comfort the user.

The main inspiration for this chair springs from nature, the clear lines used for the construction in balance with the organic shape of the mycelium. This balance is represented both in form as well as in material.


The upholstery shape, as well as the seat, is inspired by the Gandoderma Mushroom which is mostly found in the woods all through out middle Europe and are mostly known for decomposing woods that are no longer alife.

Our mission &
our vision

It was our mission to create a piece that represents not only wood but in a broader sense the entirety of a forest. To us, the incorporation of the mycelium leads back to the origin networks found in nature, which served as our main inspiration. It is our vision to design not only for but with the nature that surrounds us. Mytachair represents the potential of biodesign in the furniture sector. Our goal is to rethink marketability and the processes of mass production through the use of living matter as a new design parameter. Finally we wish to create awareness for natural materials to decrease the environmental impact of the fast furniture industry.

'With our curiosity for material, we use open experiments to open new scopes of application.'

'With our playful design approach, we find solutions that are smart and aesthetically pleasing.'

'With our sustainable mindset, we set the frame for long lasting designs.'


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